The longest animal lives in the ocean; and no, it’s not a whale.

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The Published News Article

‘Like a spiral UFO’: world’s longest animal discovered in Australian waters

Scientists exploring the deep sea off Australia’s coast have discovered as many as 30 new marine species – and what may be the longest animal ever seen. The discoveries were the result of expeditions into Western Australia’s underwater canyons. One of the biggest discoveries was a siphonophore measuring an estimated 150 feet (46 metres).

Among other species, this underwater expedition documented the longest animal with a 150 foot length.  That is a lot longer than a blue whale, and three times as long as the whale watcher favorite humpback whale.  The animal looks like a string, and belongs to the class of Siphonophores.  Many individual animals make up this huge colony; each animal has tentacles, like a jellyfish, and captures small crustaceans or fish. Such a long animal seeks out deeper waters with slow currents to avoid breaking apart.  This species was found around Western Australia’s Ningaloo Reef.

Beachfront Pottery Pieces

I’ve never made anything out of clay even close to the dimensions of a Siphonophore.  I have incorporated glass rods onto the surfaces of test tiles, but those were a few inches long rods.








On the left the glass rod is that orange line.  On the right the glass rod is that greyish line.  The glass rods were slumped onto a structured surface previously glaze fired.  The slumped rods look more like sea worms than Siphonophores.

Inspiration for Future Ceramic Pieces

The shape of the Siphonophore is one inspiring aspect: there is a spiral, swirling shape to this long animal.  A pattern on a clay slab, perhaps? Would go into a wall hanging construction.

The other inspiring aspect of the Siphonophore is the fact that this animal is assembled from thousands of smaller units.  Clay pearls of different hues could express that.  Here a 3 dimensional support would be needed. In time I’ll get closer to just how to bring this mesmerizing animal tot he ceramic world.

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