On the Road Pop-Up Art Show in Greenville, IL

Photos and text by Robert Kokenyesi, Ceramic Artist, Beachfront Pottery, Godfrey, IL 62035, USA.

The show.

The town of Greenville, Illinois held a car show titled Greenville Graffiti on June 17, 2017.  This is a time in the life of Greenville when people are drawn to the downtown streets because of the dozens of older or specially enhanced cars.  The Greenville-based Our Common Ground artist guild (where I’m a member) decided to signal our presence in the community by putting together a pop-up art show.  The show’s title wanted to reflect a connection to cars, so we ended up titling it “On the Road”.

With the generous help of the town we rented an empty storefront at 215 W. College, and set up several easels with paintings and drawings on them, as well as pedestals for ceramic works.  Quite a few show visitors came into our building, and browsed the paintings and ceramic pieces.


This is the look at the storefront from the street.  You can see a couple of cars set up for the car show, and under the flags behind the glass window is our banner.





This the inside of our space. In the forefront you see a table with BJ’s woodworking tools and palettes.  In the background are part of the show’s paintings.






Martha and BJ are on the left; pedestals for ceramics are in the middle, and more paintings are in the back.





The ceramic pieces.

Clay squares by Beth Rodgers


Beth Rodgers had these two ceramic tiles.  One is decorated with milkweed pods, and the other is decorated with acorns.





“Great Barrier Reef” platter by Robert Kokenyesi


This a platter from the old days of Beachfront Pottery. Then I was making exclusively functional pottery, and this platter shape was the result of a good deal of experimentation.  The inspiration by the Great Barrier Reef is a reflection of Australian Aborigine dot paintings.This is where the sacred dream is protected by obscuring the image by dots.  On this platter the entire reef is the sacred entity.  The white glaze dots are above and below the blue circle.



“Palau Island” platter by Robert Kokenyesi


The aerial photo of the Palau Islands was the inspiration for the glazing on this platter.








“Hawaii” bowl by Robert Kokenyesi


This bowl shape reminded me of waves rolling in on the coast of Hawaii.  The glazing on the top of the clay peaks gives the looks of white peaks of waves.









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