Ocean current changes are modeled for climate change

Report by Robert Kokenyesi, Ceramic Artists, Beachfront Pottery, Godfrey, IL 62035, USA.

Ocean currents have long fascinated me, because of the unbelievably huge size of these current, and because of the tremendous effect these currents have on land climate.  The historical evolution of the ocean currents have lead to the picture  we see today.  Because the temperature of the air influences the rising and sinking of the ocean waters, climate change may change the course of the ocean currents.  I was happy to see a report showing some time frame and temperature changes in a computer model of the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation.   I embedded the full report below..


Climate Change Could Trigger Collapse of Major Ocean Current

In the 2004 disaster film “The Day After Tomorrow,” global warming leads to the failure of an enormous current in the Atlantic Ocean, triggering catastrophic natural disasters and establishing freezing conditions in North America and Europe over a matter of weeks. That scenario might not be so far-fetched, researchers have found.

The ocean currents have long been serving as inspiration for my ceramic art pieces.  If you haven’t given much thought to ocean currents, just the fact that they can change the climate of the entire Earth should be convincing about their power.  In addition to the power and influence, I’m also inspired by the energy, the relentlessness, the raw dominance of these currents.   I want to give a small taste here about my portrayal of ocean currents.

“Gulfstream tray, I” by Robert Kokenyesi


This sculptural tray explores the power of the ocean currents, and that power is represented by the moving, tugging, shoving of the green water clusters.





“Ocean Currents” tray prototype by Robert Kokenyesi
“Ocean Currents” tray prototype by Robert Kokenyesi









These green trays are ceramic and glass combinations.  They need some more  work before they’re ready for the big time.

“Ocean Currents” tray prototype by Robert Kokenyesi
“Ocean Currents” tray prototype by Robert Kokenyesi









These blue sculptural trays are ceramic and glass combinations. They also need some work. I’ll talk about these prototypes and their improved versions in a future blog.


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