If starfish could just see …….., well, actually they can!!!

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The Published News Article

Starfish See Pretty Well in the Deep Ocean. By the Way, Starfish Have Eyes.

Trilobites Look at a starfish in a tidal pool and you may think: ah, there’s one of those pretty, multi-armed sea worms that crawl around and don’t do much. But look deeper and your views might change. Hundreds of feet below the ocean’s surface, some starfish make their own light.

This New York Times article has a catchy title.  The interesting snippet of new discovery here is the finding that starfish living in deep seas have eye.  You see, the starfish in shallow waters have eyes at the tip of the arms.  But scientists assumed that starfish living in constant darkness have lost their eyes.  Now comes the discovery that starfish living in darkness still have eyes.  On top of that, apparently, the deep sea starfish can make their own light, and can act as their own flashlight.

Beachfront Pottery Pieces

I’ve been including starfish in many of my pottery designs. Below are a few examples.

“Seastar Dreaming II” by Robert Kokenyesi, Godfrey, IL









“Beached Seastar with Dry Sand Horizon” by Robert Kokenyesi, Godfrey. IL









“Seastar Dreaming, IV” by Robert Kokenyesi, Godfrey, IL










“Friendly Seastar” by Robert Kokenyesi









Inspiration for Future Ceramic  Pieces


The starfish remains an attractive sea animal as an inspiration to form new ceramic items.  There are many such ceramic art pieces on my drawing board, and I’ll share one of those with you.

On the left you see a paper design of s starfish platter or tray.  The platter has three different sizes of starfish to form the tray.  That’s the easy part.  Because the platter will be formed from the fusion of several ceramic starfish, the design needs to provide for overlaps in between those individual starfish, to form an interconnected web. The pottery glaze and glass frit will be used to provide stable union of the individual pieces.  In a separate blog I’ll describe the trials and tribulations of forming such a piece, so here all I want to say is that without such a meticulous design process you see in the picture, the starfish platter would be very unattractive.

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