Experimenting with short videos of Beachfront Pottery ceramic art sculptures

Photos, videos and text are from Robert Kokenyesi, Ceramic Artist, Beachfront Pottery, Godfrey, IL 62035, USA. If you enjoyed this post, then give me a “like” on my Facebook page.      There is additional information about Beachfront Pottery on my web site.

The Idea

It’s very difficult to photograph a sculpture. Especially, if the sculpture has several attractive sides to it.  So, I thought, it would be best to show all sides of a sculpture by playing a video of the slowly rotating sculpture. I don’t remember seeing such a video representation of sculptures on any artist web site, or gallery web site.  So this way of showing my art is something brand new to me, and maybe brand new for many of my fellow ceramic and sculptural artists.

The first videos

Here is the very first video I shot at night of October 12, 2018.  It’s entirely unedited.

[evp_embed_video url=”http://beachfrontpottery.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/AncientWhaleIIMP4.mp4″]

The name of the sculpture is: Ancient Whale II.  The sculpture rests on a conical ceramic base, and the entire thing is on a turntable that makes 1 turn every 20 seconds or so.  The sculpture plus support has the height of 9 inches, and the length of 12 inches.

Technical details:  The video was shot with an iPhone 8S.  The MOV file was converted to an MP4 file using the Any Video Converter program on my tablet.  The video was inserted into this blog using the Easy WordPress Video Player plugin.

Here is the second video shot on October 18, 2018.  First attempt at editing using the AColorStory app.

The editing is done on the phone; the app picks out the video from the iphone library, and then a set of controls allow adjustment of contrast, brightness, color hues, warmth, and many more.

[evp_embed_video url=”http://beachfrontpottery.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/IMG_1088_x264.mp4″]


Here is an even brighter edited version of the second shoot.

I include it here for the purpose of comparison.

[evp_embed_video url=”http://beachfrontpottery.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/IMG_1089_x264.mp4″]


To conclude this set of experiments, I learned that my expectation of just shooting a video, and dragging it into a WordPress blog has been crushed.  This is a multi-step process from iPhone to blog, and there are several apps and programs that can be used for editing and file conversion, and blog insertion.




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