Diving with great white sharks. Part 1. Inspiring ease in the water.

Photos, videos,  and reporting by Robert Kokenyesi, Ceramic Artist, Beachfront Pottery, Godfrey, IL, 62035, USA.  If you enjoyed this post, then give me a “like” on my Facebook page.      There is additional information about Beachfront Pottery on my web site.

The Trip to the Home Waters of the Great White Sharks

In this post I start describing and reporting on a cage-diving trip I took to the Guadalupe Island (Mexico) on the Horizon vessel operated by Horizon Charters from San Diego, CA.  My trip was from August 5 through August 10, and I spent about 10 full hours in the cage in the home of great white sharks.

This is the little bay where we anchored off Guadalupe Island.  On the left is the morning colors, and on the right is the afternoon colors.


These are the dive cages where 4 divers stand next to each other for 1 hour shifts.  Each cage is 12 feet wide.








This is the GoPro Hero7 camera I was using for video recordings.  It’s a rental from Horizon Charters.






The Inspiration

There are several inspiring under water events that I recorded on video.  Here I will show a few recordings that show the great ease these 12-14 foot long animals swim, cruise, seemingly without moving a muscle.

Gopro0294 video:  This shark swam to check out the cage from a distance, stayed 10-20 feet below the cage level, and then glided away under the cage. Doesn’t show much tail fin movement for this speed.


Uploaded by Robert Kokenyesi on 2019-09-21.


Gopro0384 video:  This also a sort of distant swim by. This shark covers about 100 feet of distance in 18 seconds.  You see a good tail fin movement at the beginning, and the results is near effortless movement.


Uploaded by Robert Kokenyesi on 2019-09-21.

Gopro0265 video:  This shark checked out the cages by swimming close to use, and then headed out into the bay.


Uploaded by Robert Kokenyesi on 2019-09-21.

Gopro0348 video: Effortless swim close to the cage; check out the old tag just under the dorsal fin.


Uploaded by Robert Kokenyesi on 2019-09-21.

Gopro0431 video:  Another effortless swim close to the cage, this time from the sunny right side of the field.



Gopro0429 video:  This is a longer video, because the shark makes a sharp left turn to react to the bait, but before and after the turn this is a good demonstration of how the great white sharks have mastered their environment.  That 400 million years worth of practice shows!!




The Ceramic Art Pieces

These are two sides of my “Ancient Shark II” ceramic sculpture.  This my best attempt so far to reflect on the ease of sharks gliding through water. OK, I now what you’re thinking.  I have some ways to go.  Beachfront Pottery, and yours truly will be improving in future creations.

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