Context II exhibit at the Foundry Art Center

Photos and text by Robert Kokenyesi, Ceramic Artist, Beachfront Pottery, Godfrey, IL 62035, USA.

The Venue

The Foundry Art Centre in St Charles, Missouri.


The “Context II” exhibit took place in the main gallery of the Foundry Art Centre in St Charles Missouri between August 4- September 15, 2017.  The Foundry Art Centre is a remodeled foundry with several galleries, rooms for community art activities, and several rented artist studious on the second floor.





The gallery is wide and very long presenting a great looking exhibit space.



This the wall surface always dedicated to a large presentation of the exhibit title.  On the left there is a pedestal with the collected narratives from the exhibiting artists.  Pretty cool idea if you ask me!





The Call for Entry

This was called to be an all-media exhibition focusing on the written word’s role in the visual arts. The language of literature can be used in visual pieces literally, symbolically, texturally, referentially, and in many other ways. Context II intends to speak to the intersection between visual and written arts.


The Ceramic Art Pieces

There was only one ceramic art piece in the exhibit.

“Expectant” by Sharon Harper, Springfield, IL


Sharon switched to a smaller format of clay creations in the past few years.  I couldn’t find anything about the narrative of this particular piece.  I did find photographs on several gallery sites where her pieces were pictured.  There is always a person’s head with another object next to or on top of the head.

I’m not sure how this exhibit piece relates to the call for entry.



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