Ceramic vases and sculptural pieces in the 2017 Biennial Faculty Exhibition at Craft Alliance

Photos and text by Robert Kokenyesi, Ceramic Artist, Beachfront Pottery, Godfrey, IL 62035, USA.

The Venue

The 2017 Biennial faculty Exhibition took place between July 14- August 13, 2017 in the gallery of the Craft Alliance, in University City, Missouri.  The faculty of Craft Alliance is composed of artists who teach classes at Craft Alliance.  This blog looks at the vases and sculptural pieces.

The Craft Alliance is an organization that focuses on art education from school-aged children to adults.  In addition, they maintain an art store, and a gallery at the University City location.

The Call for Entry

There was no formal call for entry, because this may be considered an invitational exhibit, as only Craft Alliance faculty was allowed to participate.


The Ceramic Art Pieces

“Flower Container” by Andrew Denney, St Louis, MO


This is a very attractive piece, because of the glaze color variations, and because of the overall shape.

I couldn’t find further information about the glazes or firing method.







“Pot of Fire” by John Boss, St Louis, MO



This vase is great, because of the many color variations in the glaze.  Based on his resume at Craft Alliance, he focuses on functional pieces (this is stoneware), and using lustre glazes with reduction firing (this piece does look like to have a variety of lustre glazes).





“Mead Set” by Mary B Henderson, St Louis, MO


Mary is an artist in the group Ash& Griffin. She creates pottery along medieval designs.  The mead set is along those designs.  Mead is a honey wine, in case you’re wondering.  Check out her other works: http://ashandgriffin.com/




“Rock Box” by Andrea G Linskey, St Louis, MO


Andrea has been making pieces lately with very rough outer surface; pieces that can pass for a rock.  This piece is a  good example.  For more of her pieces check out:   https://www.facebook.com/dreagracepottery/








“Aging Gracefully” by Joan Powell, St Louis, MO

An eye-catching piece, because of the colors, and the design. The burnished and then altered surfaces are great!!  Also, notice the flow from the figurative to an abstract design from left to right. That patch of clay on top of the round object is loaded with potential interpretation and information.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find additional info on this, or other pieces from Joan.



“Taste” by Ryan Bredlau, St Louis, MO

Not sure about the inspiration behind this piece, but if you check our Ryan’s sites:   https://www.facebook.com/Bredlau.Studio.Artist/

and his web site,  you’ll see a great variety of designs.  In Ryan’s own words “I try to connect with the frustration, amusement, disgust, happiness, and pain that I feel internally and that is present in our society/popular culture. I use the human form while also substituting such objects as dolls, tools, furniture, and toys to make a medley with which the viewer can engage. Such issues as innocence, mortality, and the potency of humanity are constant filaments within my design process.



“Surrender” by Katie Bensky, St Louis, MO

A very expressive piece.  For more clay sculptures check out her Facebook page

and her web site.

In her own words: “My latest ceramic work is meditative in nature. Learning to be still and peaceful in the midst of life’s chaos has been an ongoing practice. ”  And for the viewer she says “Like life, I have a choice whether to embrace the flaws or attempt to mask the imperfections. My deepest desire as an artist is to share work which invites viewers to do the same. ”



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