Ceramic bowls in the 2017 Biennial Faculty Exhibition at Craft Alliance

Photos and text by Robert Kokenyesi, Ceramic Artist, Beachfront Pottery, Godfrey, IL 62035, USA.

The Venue

The 2017 Biennial faculty Exhibition took place between July 14- August 13, 2017 in the gallery of the Craft Alliance, in University City, Missouri.  The faculty of Craft Alliance is composed of artists who teach classes at Craft Alliance.  This blog looks at the bowls in the exhibit.

The Craft Alliance is an organization that focuses on art education from school-aged children to adults.  In addition, they maintain an art store, and a gallery at the University City location.

The Call for Entry

There was no formal call for entry, because this may be considered an invitational exhibit, as only Craft Alliance faculty was allowed to participate.


The Ceramic Art Pieces

“Hot-crossed” by Daniel B Barnett, St Louis, MO

This was an awesome bowl, because of the simple pattern, and because of the strategic application of the glazes that put a haze over two branches of the cross.

I couldn’t find any other examples or descriptions of his work on the internet.





“Pedestal Bowl Duet” by Beverly Jakub Aroh, St Louis, MO

The image of two wolves, and the colors made me think of the Southwest.

I couldn’t find any other examples or descriptions of her work on the internet.







“Serving Bowl” by Thomas Wiggins, St Louis, MO

This porcelain bowl with shino glazing reminded me of the colors of saggar-fired pieces.  Nice proportions, nice design.

As I found out from his web site, Thomas has started out working in red earthenware, moved on to perfecting saggar firing  and now exploring pieces made of porcelain.





“Stacked Bowls” by Pam Stanley, St Louis, MO

The stacked bowls have many of Pam’s hallmarks: grooves at the rims, clay spheres at the edges, and neutral colors.

Pam is making a great variety of functional pieces.  Visit her Facebook page for pictures and more info.  https://www.facebook.com/PamStanleyCeramics/




“Offering Bowl” by Michelle Katz-Reichlen, St Louis, MO
“Offering Bowl” by Michelle Katz-Reichlen, St Louis, MO


These two pictures show this wonderful, decisively sculptural bowl.  Great colors, and unique design.  I have seen Michelle’s sculptural works; she managed to hold on to her characteristic style in this bowl.

I also have to thank Michelle for introducing me to the world of ceramics in a multi-week workshop at Craft Alliance.  She has a tremendous way of letting you do your own stuff with clay, yet still teaching you a lot.

Unfortunately, II couldn’t find any other examples or descriptions of her work on the internet.







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