Ceramic art pieces in the student art exhibit at Lewis and Clark Community College

Text and photos by Robert Kokenyesi, Ceramic Artist, Beachfront Pottery,  Godfrey, IL USA.

The venue

The Lewis and Clark College student art show was on display in the Hatheway Cultural Center Gallery on the Godfrey campus of the Lewis and Clark Community College. The exhibit was open from April 8 to April 29, 2016.










These are the photos showing the entry way to the Hatheway Cultural Center.  As you enter, the Gallry toward the right; about 2000 square feet.

The art students’ pieces were juried into the exhibit in several media, such as painting, photography, digital arts,  and prints, but I will be focusing on the few ceramic pieces.

The ceramic pieces

There was a grand total of three ceramic art pieces in the exhibit.  For some reason all of them were an interpretation of the box as a theme.


"Mystery Box" by Teresa Frisch
“Mystery Box” by Teresa Frisch


This was an 8X8X8 inch sized ceramic box with a lid. The question mark decoration was part both the bottom and the lid. That must have been difficult to construct, as the clay warps and shrinks during firing, so matching up the edges of such a fine pattern can’t be taken for granted.






"Nature's Box" by Jessica Moore
“Nature’s Box” by Jessica Moore


This box was 8X6X5 inches in size, and on the top it has a leaf motif.  The side look like scratched/carved to retain the glaze, so the end product shows a dark pattern of the scratches and other manipulations.  The lid was a little less meticulously constructed than the previous piece.




"Backpacker's Backpack" by Teresa Frisch
“Backpacker’s Backpack” by Teresa Frisch
"Backpacker's Backpack" by Teresa Frisch
“Backpacker’s Backpack” by Teresa Frisch








This last piece was the most elaborately decorated and modified piece on the box theme.  From the back (picture on the right) it looked like a box.  From the front (picture on the left)  the box got stretched our into a slightly curving shape.  From the back we can see the belts of the backpack, and a name tag.  From the front we see the pockets, and decorations on top oft he lid.


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