Ceramic art pieces of Jeremy Brooks in the Innovative Ceramics exhibit at the Duane Reed Gallery

Photos and reporting by Robert Kokenyesi, Ceramic Artist, Beachfront Pottery, Godfrey, IL, 62035, USA.  If you enjoyed this post, then like the post, and also like my Facebook page.    Check out Beachfront Pottery posts on Instagram @beachfrontpottery.    There is additional information about Beachfront Pottery on my web site.

The Venue

The Innovative Ceramics exhibit took place from January 30 through March 6, 2021 in the Duane Reed Gallery in St Louis, MO.







This a picture of the inner room of the gallery, where all the ceramic pieces were set up.






The Call for Entry

There was no call for entry, as this was an invitational exhibit.

The Ceramic Art Pieces

For anyone who handled wet clay, it is obvious that wet clay is sticky, and dried clay is brittle.  So, how is it possible to knit and crochet using clay strings? Jeremy Brooks has been experimenting with making clay elastic, which he describes on this page of his website. His successfully extruded long strings of the elastic porcelain clay, and then he crocheted the strings into pots.

“Knot Pot #77” by Jeremy Brooks.
“Knot Pot #75” by Jeremy Brooks.










“Knot Pots #77 and #75” by Jeremy Brooks.


I included this photo to show the small size of the know pots. The exhibit labels are about 2 by 4 inches. The height of the pots is about 4 inches






“Knot Pot #68” by Jeremy Brooks.
“Knot Pot #73” by Jeremy Brooks.










“Knot Pot #76” by Jeremy Brooks.
“Knot Pots #68, #74, and #76” by Jeremy Brooks.

This is another photo to illustrate the small size of the knot pots.









“Knot Pot #64” by Jeremy Brooks.
“Knot Pot #73” by Jeremy Brooks.











I’m not sure if the porcelain is fired in these knot pots, or just the porcelain clay was mixed with the elastic material.  Something does limit the height of the pots to about 4 or 5 inches.   For more of Jeremy’s works visit his web site.

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