Ceramic art pieces in the Luck of the Draw exhibit at the Foundry Art Centre

Photo and text by Robert Kokenyesi, Ceramic Artist, Beachfront Pottery, Godfrey, IL 62035, USA.

The Foundry Art Centre in St Charles, Missouri.



From March 10  through  April 21,  2017, the all media art exhibit titled “Luck of the Draw” took place.  The venue was the Foundry Art Centre in St Charles, Missouri.  I’ve been coming to this exhibit and art building for years, because most of their exhibits get some ceramic art juried in.



The call for entry stated that  “Luck plays a role in each life, whether a person believes in the concept or simply wishes a colloquial “Good luck!” to a friend. This concept is instilled in numerous cultures and manifests itself in superstitions, myths, and rituals. Open to all media, Luck of the Draw is a juried exhibition that invites artists to submit work that explores the theory of luck, investigates happenstance, or portrays this abstract concept.”

I have the call for entry here, because, like with several exhibits before, some pieces are difficult to fit to the theme (you’ll see a good illustration of that through the ceramic piece that follows).

There were many 2D artworks from fiber art to paintings, but there was only one ceramic art work.  This piece was a ceramic sculpture combined with a found object.

“Inner Peace” by Timothy Griffith, Peoria, IL

This is a thought provoking stoneware sculpture for many reasons.  The first reason is that it’s an intriguing combination of stoneware and a found object.  The second reason is that the sculpture depicts a person whose construction resembles a house (see the bricks when you zoom in on the edge of the car’s entry into the head).  The third reason is that the stoneware appears to be painted and not glazed (those bricks I just mentioned are painted).



“Inner Peace” by Timothy Griffith, Peoria, IL

The fourth reason is that this piece is coming from an artists whose primary medium is painting.  His artist’s statement talks about emotional precisionism, and his previously done pieces I could find on the internet are all paintings.

This stoneware piece resembles to the features of the man in his painting titled “Autumn Lover), which is a really cool painting.

I’m not sure how the subject matter of the piece, or the artist’s statement fits with the “Luck of the Draw” theme, but I always like to see new approaches to ceramics, and to see pieces from new artists.


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