Ceramic art pieces in the “Small Works” exhibit in Piety’s Gallery.

Photos and reporting by Robert Kokenyesi, Ceramic Artist, Beachfront Pottery, Godfrey, IL, 62035, USA.  If you enjoyed this post, then like the post, and also like my Facebook page.      There is additional information about Beachfront Pottery on my web site.

The Venue


The “Small Works” exhibit took place from November 30 through December 21, 2019, in Piety’s Art Gallery in Greenville, IL.  This is the entrance to Piety’s Gallery in Greenville, IL.







These two photos show the exhibit space. The two dimensional works are on the wall, and the three dimensional works are arranged at the tables and pedestals in the middle.






The Call for Entry

We are usually amazed by large scale artworks, but sometimes we can fall in love with small things.  Great beauty or special meaning isn’t defined by size. We are calling for beautiful small artworks for The Greenville Artist Guild’s Winter Show and for the Holiday season.

The Ceramic Art Pieces

All the ceramic art pieces int he exhibit were  from Beachfront Pottery.


There are two stingray bowls at the ends of the row.  The details of the making of these stingray bowls will be in a separate post.

The two middle pieces are representatives of the “Seafloor Archaeology bowl” series.  The one with the certificate is on the next photo.



“Seafloor Archaeology Bowl IV, ca 25th century” by Robert Kokenyesi, Godfrey, IL


This piece won the second prize in the show!! This “Seafloor Archaeology bowl” is where the ceramic pieces are held together by bicycle chain segments.









“Seafloor Archaeology Bowl VI, ca 25th century” by Robert Kokenyesi, Godfrey, IL


This is a “Seafloor Archaeology bowl” as well.  A piece of the “starry Night” canvas helped to plug a whole.










“Shark Egg Platter 9” by Robert Kokenyesi, Godfrey, IL

“Shark Egg Platter 8” by Robert Kokenyesi, Godfrey, IL


These “Shark Egg platters” take me back to platter I made at the very first years of Beachfront Pottery in 2006.  The technique is a lot more sophisticated here, and the result is a lot more eye catching.



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