Ceramic art pieces in the “Comfort and Joy” exhibit in the Foundry Art Centre.

Photos and reporting by Robert Kokenyesi, Ceramic Artist, Beachfront Pottery, Godfrey, IL, 62035, USA.  If you enjoyed this post, then like the post, and also like my Facebook page.      There is additional information about Beachfront Pottery on my web site.

The Venue


This is the entrance side of the Foundry Art Centre in St Charles, Missouri, pictured from the parking lot.







On the left is the title wall inside the gallery, and on the right is the curated gallery space.



The Call for Entry

Coinciding with the holiday season and New Year, Comfort and Joy asks artists for work reflecting happiness, serenity, and peace. Open to all media, this exhibition will be a relief from the hectic nature of year’s end, and a warm welcome to the new decade.

The Ceramic Art Pieces

“Pleasant Smell of Peace and Silence” by Netra Khattri, St Louis, MO

Netra’s statement reads: “As an Artist, I attempt to transform invisible and ordinary matter into dynamic extraordinary material world. Creatively, I’m interested in realistic and contemporary methods of sculpting and artmaking to create work and product in proportion, shapes, volume with geometrical measurement lines and human anatomy in new meaningful and emotionally impactful ways of art. The desired goal is to eventually establish methods and tools for understanding, modeling the process of designing for education, and how the design of educational tools and systems can affect understanding, literacy, and awareness.   My point of entry into sculpting has been through using primarily in Figurative, Contemporary figure sculpture in anatomical and muscular manner, and 3D/2D Design which utterly both context of their contemporary themes and other about the delegation and perennial of beauty.  My sculpted figures convey relationship between an exaggerated and self-indulgent feelings of tenderness, sadness, antagonistic or authentic human emotions and relationships in contemporary figurative manner. Prominent elements in my work involve geometrical proportion landmarks and vanish forms with natural rough form, to create a textural contrast with graceful and harmonious flow of pattern.  In my most recent work, I am interested in finding anatomical contemporary figure with beauty of an Atticism in dynamic gesture, this would introduce me as Artist in the world of artistic expression and explain of my concept.” 

Check out his other works on his web site.


“Key Keeper” by Caroline Painter, Columbia, MO
“Bliss” by Caroline Painter, Columbia, MO

Caroline’s statement for these pieces reads: “My work in this series stems from the calm power oft he horse and its ability to be complemented in the form of ceramics.  Both horse and clay branching from the traditional field of function brought together to emphasize and lift up to us outside the realms of use.  I do this as a means of praise and symbol of appreciation.   On the occasion of having her pieces exhibited at a company headquarters she said this: “Through my time with both horses and clay, I have come to recognize their similarities as embodiments and representation of strength and fragility. In this series, gestural marks of clay come together to push and pull on the line between the image of horse and abstraction of clay. This play opens up an exploration on the dynamics between what we perceive as strong and what we perceive as frail.”

My first thought was that these were metal or stone sculptures with a rough finish.  Her firing technique brought about many warm hues on the surface. I couldn’t find a dedicated online presence for her.

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