Ceramic art pieces in the 2019 “Biennial Faculty Exhibition” at Craft Alliance.

Photos and reporting by Robert Kokenyesi, Ceramic Artist, Beachfront Pottery, Godfrey, IL, 62035, USA.  If you enjoyed this post, then give me a “like” on my Facebook page.      There is additional information about Beachfront Pottery on my web site.

The Venue








The 2019 Biennial Faculty exhibit took place from July 12 through August 18, 2019 in the gallery of Craft Alliance Center of Art + Design in University city Missouri.


The Call for Entry

There was no formal call for entry.  Craft Alliance provided the following description: “Every two years we present the creative work of the artists who teach adult and children’s classes in the studios of Craft Alliance Center of Art + Design. They are part of the St. Louis art community and many exhibit their work locally, nationally and internationally. The artists share their creative spirit and their love of teaching in both our studio locations, the Delmar Loop and the Kranzberg Arts Center in Grand Center.

The teaching artists at Craft Alliance Center of Art + Design spark students’ enthusiasm for finding their creative voice through a variety of materials, techniques and ideas. Craft Alliance celebrates the talented artists on its faculty. Be inspired, take a class, and allow them to help you discover your creative voice!”

The Ceramic Art Pieces

“Pilgrimage Pot” by Andy Denney


Expertly thrown pot with decoration that resembles Japanese calligraphy.

I couldn’t find a dedicated online presence for Andy.








“Spring Showers Bring May Showers” by Beverly Jakob Aruh
“Spring Showers Bring May Showers” by Beverly Jakob Aruh

Very graceful pitcher with a folded top.  The stand is also ceramic, although it looks a lot like wood.

I couldn’t find s dedicated online presence for Beverly.






“Tea With Babu” by Pam Stanley

There was no narrative with this work, so I’m not sure what the title refers to. Curious grey glaze, though; makes me think abut elephants.

For more of her work visit her web site.






“Coffee Set” by Mary B Henderson



To see more of her works visit this web site (shared with two other ceramicists).  On that site Mary states that she inspired by antiquity and multicultural aesthetics.





“Flower Brick (Factory)” by Thomas Wiggins


Thomas states that “since moving to St. Louis, my focus has been on developing functional ware in porcelain”.  For more of his works visit his web site,








“It’s Always Been That Way” by Malaika Tolford


On an exhibit site she is introduced with this: “she makes functional ceramics inspired by history and place. Each of her handmade ceramic works feature graphic elements based on her training in anthropology, and a strong interest in archeology, architecture, and cartography”.

For more of her works visit her instagram profile.



“A Blessing and a Curse” by Michele Katz-Reichlin


An intriguing hand built piece; I wish there was a narration.  I couldn’t find a dedicated online presence for her.







“Red Amaryllis” by Dan Barnett


In another exhibit description his works are described: “his pieces reflect the ingenuity and creativity that are built on decades of learning and experimentation in all kinds of technical craft, from forging metals to designing furniture, electronic devices and even kilns – all extensions of Dan’s remarkable curiosity and deftness in many fields. ”

I couldn’t find a dedicated online presence for him.





“A Herd of Blobbies” by Kimberly Mayden


Riiiight.  Transforming toys from ceramics.

I couldn’t find a dedicated online presence for her.






“Double Happiness” by Dryden Wells


On his web site he states: I am captivated by the union of craft, problem solving, ingenuity and creation when working with clay. While ideas associated with oppositions and dichotomies has and continues to be a driving force in my work, I find that the subtleties and surprises of the creative process have the most influence.   Both in my thrown forms and sculpture, I am interested in the act of construction, deconstruction, reconstruction. I believe that it is this process of making that creates an understanding of the object and resulting evolution of the artwork”.

For more of his work visit his web site.




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