Ceramic art pieces in the “Concerning the Spiritual” exhibit

Photos and text by Robert Kokenyesi, Ceramic Artist, Beachfront Pottery, Godfrey, IL 62035, USA.

Between November 18, 2016 and January 6, 2017, the all media exhibit “Concerning the Spiritual” was on public view in the gallery of the Foundry Art Centre in St. Charles, Missouri.

The Foundry Art Centre in St Charles, Missouri.








While there were several artistically interesting creations in the exhibit, as you can see in the picture above right.   I review here the ceramic art pieces.

“Peace Warrior-Commander” by Michael Ricci, Fort Collins, CO.

Michael has a very entertaining “fake news” blog article on his web site. He brings up the possibilities of these sculptures as being statues of a long-vanished alien visitors, or that they are statues of time traveler humans who came back from the future, or that they are statues of cyborgs.







“Cumberland Island Turtle Shell Goddess” by Paula Leiter Pergament, St Paul, MN.


I wasn’t sure if this was a genuine ceramic art piece.  On the internet the only information I found about Paula is the she typically constructs collages, and sometime incorporates found objects. The ceramic goddess might be a found object, but I had no way to prove that it’s not a found object.




“Silver Prana Lingham”in forefront, and “Feather Vase” in the back, by Douglas Hein, Salt Lake City, UT.


Douglas writes that his inspirations are historical narratives for the sculptures, and that he prefers to make sculptures that one can hold in hand.  I couldn’t find anything more specific about the exhibited pieces.





“The Many Breasted One” by Kimberly Callas, Long Branch, NJ.

This artwork in self-hardening clay reflects Kimberly’s exploration of ecological unconscious.  This piece is one representation of developing  ecological portraits of ourselves as nature. Her hope is that once we understand that ourselves are the one with nature, then we will not destroy nature.  At the front of this duck-shaped piece there are small human head-shaped extensions. Perhaps these symbolize the human oneness with the duck nature.




“Ancient Ways Work” by Andrew Denny, St. Louis, MO.
“Pilgrimage Marker, II” by Andrew Denny, St. Louis, MO.


These three pieces by Andrew Denny represent a relatively straight line of thinking about the “spiritual”.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any information about Andrew or the pieces int his exhibit.



“Pilgrimage Marker” by Andrew Denny, St. Louis, MO.











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