Ceramic art pieces by Kevin Kao in the “with Breath” exhibit at the Kranzberg.

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The Venue


The “with BREATH” exhibit took place from May 7 through July 3 , 2021 in the Gallery at the Kranzberg, in St Louis, MO.  This is the entryway to the gallery.





This artist statement was printed by the entrance.







The Call for Entry

There was no call for entry, as this was an invitational exhibit organized by the Kranzberg Arts Foundation.

The Ceramic Art Pieces

The exhibit statement read: “Kevin Kao presented a series of gilded ceramic sculptures that combine the human form with the shape of air. Originating as an exploration of pneuma, an Ancient Greek concept for air and life, the sculptures manifest breath as a physical form bound to the human experience. Primarily constructed from clay, Kao transforms the pliable into permanent, positioning the role of craft and tradition as important influences. Air, unseen, is abstracted as biomorphic, suspension, and concrete. Through glazing and gilding, surfaces are treated akin to objects of reverence, such as reliquaries and Buddhist figurines, establishing a connection to the broad, universal appeal of gold. With the global impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the exhibition assumes new perspectives, amplifying the significance of breath as an integral essence to sustain life. Ideas of stillness and distance are imagined as defined spaces of memory, celebration, and remembrance.”


“Breath III (oo)” by Kevin Kao.
“Breath I (slumber)” by Kevin Kao.

The pieces with gold guilding were about a foot or more tall.








“Breath VIII (arch)” by Kevin Kao.
“Breath VII (cumulus)” by Kevin Kao.










“Breath V (tube)” by Kevin Kao.
“Breath VI (float)” by Kevin Kao.
“Breath II (snuff)” by Kevin Kao.










“Breath IV (george)” by Kevin Kao.










The pieces below had a shiny brownish glazing, and represents a very different body of work.


Detail of “Within” by Kevin Kao.
Detail of “Within” by Kevin Kao.
“Rome” by Kevin Kao.









“Within + Between” by Kevin Kao.
“Between” by Kevin Kao.



To see more of Kevin’s work visit his web site.







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