Ceramic art pieces in the 2017 Young Artists’ Showcase at the St Louis Artists’ Guild

Photo and Text by Robert Kokenyesi, Ceramic Artist, Beachfront Pottery, Godfrey, IL 62035, IL USA.

The Venue

The exhibit took place in the gallery space of the St Louis Artists’ Guild in Clayton, Missouri from March 9 to April 1. 2017.

The call for entry

This is a juried, all-media exhibition of art work created by high school students between ages 15 and 19 residing within 150 miles of St Louis.

The ceramic art pieces

“My Piece of Cake” by Tonea Price, Trinity Catholic HS


The first three pieces are all food-related creations.  Every year I see high school students attracted to highly realistic representations of food items.  My personal favorite was the Cola Spill!!







“Cola Spill” by Drew Harris, Parkway West HS











“Cookies” by Jon Yanev, Oakville HS









“Piglet” by Stanton Ott, Principia HS


The next three creations are all depicting animals.  These are also very realistic pieces. The Time Managament piece does look like an octopus, so that’s the reason I listed it in this group.







“Turtle” by Dominic Heithaus, St Louis University HS









“Time Management” by Ashley Wilkinson, Salem, HS









“Anubis” by Matthew Hibbits, De Smet Jesuit HS


I added this Anubis piece with animal shapes, because of this god has a dog-like head.









“Desert Tree” by Isaac Butler, Whitfield HS


This piece opens the stretch of human-shaped creations.









“Dome” by Heyward Liu, Marquette HS



This sculpture has a basic humanoid shape with a domed head, like robot.








“Power” by Leia White, Villa Duchesne HS



Just a piece if the human body on this piece.








“We’re All Mad Here” by Aubrey Schmi, Salem HS


The last three pieces are more traditional utilitarian pottery vessel shapes.

This one is a teapot!!








“Ceremony” by Aliyah Belcher, Parkway North HS


This is also a teapot. Just stretched upward a little.









“Square Platter” by Yasmine Khan, Parkway West HS


This is the last piece;a nicely built and decorated plate.

This piece was the winner of the William and Elaine Small Award!!






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