Ceramic art at the Emerson Young Artist Showcase

Photos and text by Robert Kokenyesi, Ceramic Artist at Beachfront Pottery, Godfrey, IL, USA

From March 17  through April 9, 2016 the Emerson Young Artist Showcase was on exhibit at the Clayton location of the St Louis Artists’ Guild Gallery.  This was an all-media, juried  exhibit of high school students attending within 150 miles of the St. Louis Artists’ Guild. While there were excellent pieces in every medium, I’m reviewing here the ceramic creations.


Juror: Susan Bostwick

Susan Bostwick received her MFA in Ceramics with an emphasis in Drawing from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville and her undergraduate degree in Studio Art with teaching certification from Webster University, St. Louis, Missouri. Her work has been exhibited nationally and is included in a number of publications including “Teapots Transformed, Exploration of an Object”, “500 Animals” and “The Yixing Effect”.Early in her career, she was a member of the cooperative Firehouse Pottery in St. Louis’ Soulard neighborhood and since graduate school she has maintained a personal studio space attached to her home. She has offered workshops across the county and has been fortunate to teach in a variety of settings that include Craft Alliance, Jacoby Arts Center, John Burroughs School and Southern Illinois University Edwardsville.


"Cube Teapot" by Matt Jakovich
“Cube Teapot” by Matt Jakovich

"Teapot" by Sara Eastlund

“Teapot” by Sara Eastlund

These two teapots were great illustrations of high school students’ imagination on this staple of ceramic object.



"Blushing Container" by Brianna Gutierrez
“Blushing Container” by Brianna Gutierrez
"Untitled" by Laura Dibler
“Untitled” by Laura Dibler
"Ryba" by Sydnet Goldracker
“Ryba” by Sydnet Goldracker










The shapes (the fish, the face) plus the glazing makes the first two vessels interesting.   The third vessel has a relatively conventional shape, but the wood (or other organic) firing created those good looking colorations.


"Clay Weaving" by Pfeil Elaine
“Clay Weaving” by Pfeil Elaine
"Contour" by Natalie Stranczik
“Contour” by Natalie Stranczik










These two vessels demonstrate the conventional weaving, and the not so conventional clay network creation to make the vessel.


"Thrown Pitcher" by Gamma Thomas
“Thrown Pitcher” by Gamma Thomas
"My Precious Moments" by Sarah Lodes
“My Precious Moments” by Sarah Lodes











The pitcher is a great example of deformed thrown piece.  The paired vessels stand out by the simple shape and the contrasting drip/flow glazing.



"Deluxe Burger" by Dennis Buechel


Interesting vessel idea, and very good sculptural execution.







“Deluxe Burger” by Dennis Buechel


"From Down Under" by Samantha Hope
“From Down Under” by Samantha Hope

Interesting shape!!


"Lion Box" by Rendi Welker



This is a carved box where the lid and the body of the box are nicely matched.






“Lion Box” by Rendi Welker




Tiger" by Lucy Zhu
Tiger” by Lucy Zhu
"Fragility" by Cardwell Addison
“Fragility” by Cardwell Addison












"Tree of Life, Orange" by Julianna Crang
“Tree of Life, Orange” by Julianna Crang

Nice contrast among these three pieces.  The reality of the tiger and the bunnies, the abstract crumpled sheets, and the colorful shapes of the last piece yet again proof of the imagination of the high school artists.













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