Beachfront Pottery ceramic art pieces in the “Absolute Abstract” exhibit.

Photos and text by Robert Kokenyesi, Ceramic Artist, Beachfront Pottery, Godfrey, IL, USA.

A few months ago I started to explore artist’s societies and groups on the Illinois side of the Mississippi river.  I learned about the “Our Common Ground” artist guild from a call for entry at the ArtsStLouis website.   The call for entry was for the “Absolute Abstract” art exhibit.  What you see here is the pictures from the opening of the exhibit on September 9, 2016.  The exhibit stays open till October 14.

A few words about Our Common Ground.  This is a non-profit organization where the artist guild organizes local art exhibits, art fair events, and art educational activities.  The major force behind OCG is the two Marthas: Martha Sussenbach, and Martha Iler.  They run the establishment “2Marthas” which is an old house where there is a store, breakfast, lunch is served, and also used as a meeting space.  This house was the location for the art exhibit.

The juror, Steve Heilmer,  is a retired Professor of Arts at Greenville College. His latest body of work is done in marble, and focuses on religious themes.



This picture shows the entryway to the 2Marthas exhibit space.  On the left is the doorway for entry, and you can see paintings hanging on the walls left and right of the doorway.

As you see there was a very good turnout.






These two pictures show the dining room area of the 2Marthas.  Fingerfood  and wine got the interest of our juror, who is in the blue shirt in the picture on the right.  In the picture on the left there is a white pedestal, and on it is one of my pieces, “Shark Attack, II”.   There were at least 8 paintings and watercolors in this room alone.

"Shark Attack, II" by Robert Kokenyesi (opposite side view)
“Shark Attack, II” by Robert Kokenyesi (opposite side view)
"Shark Attack, II" by Robert Kokenyesi
“Shark Attack, II” by Robert Kokenyesi


These pictures of “Shark Attack, II” were taken in my studio, on a glass support under the piece.





These four pictures show the upstairs rooms at the 2Marthas.  On the left picture on that round table is my second piece in this exhibit: “Out of the Deep, II”.




In the right picture there is a closer look at my piece.




"Out of the Deep, II" by Robert Kokenyesi
“Out of the Deep, II” by Robert Kokenyesi
Robert Kokenyesi: "Out of the Deep, II"
Robert Kokenyesi: “Out of the Deep, II”


On the left is an out of focus picture; I won third price!!  On the righ there is the piece on a different support.







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