Alton store now has ceramic pieces from Beachfront Pottery

Text and photos by Robert Kokenyesi, Ceramic Artist, Beachfront Pottery, Godfrey, IL USA

During the third week of August there was a notable change inside the local framing store in Alton, Illinois.  The “Picture This and More” framing store now carries ceramic pieces from my studio, Beachfront Pottery.  The store owner, Quint, loaded display shelves, and  put several pieces on a wall surface. Alton is the larger town that borders Godfrey, so I’m hoping for good deal of foot traffic.  Another plus is that the store is close to home, so it was no problem to bring the pieces over.

The “Picture This and More” framing store



The store is located at 520 W. Delmar in Alton.  They maintain a website at  The store front looks small, but once you go inside there is a large space that’s mostly devoted to framing and other design activities.  The store owners generously maintain space for local artists where they can display their creations.  Thank you for giving me, and Beachfront Pottery a chance!



The Beachfront Pottery displays



Here is a look at the display shelves.  On top you see a Palau Platter, and smaller Seastar plate.  On the second shelf you see a Hawaii bowl.  On the third shelf you see ceramic tiles and a set of coasters.  I don’t have a closeup, but every item has a tag with the title and the price, all done by Quint, one of the owners.








This the wall area devoted to Beachfront Pottery.  On the right there is the “Three Nautiluses” wall hanging, ready for framing.  In the middle there is a “Manta Ray” decorative tile/trivet.  Below it a “Jellyfish” wall hanging decoration, and below that a Seastar” decorative tile in black frame.  On the left there are two framed “Broken Shark” decorative ceramic plates.




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