Ceramic art pieces in the “Small Town Able” exhibit at the Macoupin Art Collective

Photos and text by Robert Kokenyesi, Ceramic Artist, Beachfront Pottery, Godfrey, IL, 62035, USA.

The Venue

This is the store front of the MAC on East Main Street in Staunton, Illinois.  The space is relatively narrow, but very long.  The photo on the right is what you see after entering.  There’s plenty of wall space, floor space, and thent here’s the activity are going past the door visible at the back side of the gallery area.

The MAC, as the Macoupin Art Collective is abbreviated, is a not-for-profit organization founded by the Staunton, Illinois area ceramic artist, Brandace Cloud.  The aim of the MAC is to serve as an art school and a gallery.  The location was a car dealership, and the building was remodeled by Brandy and her team.

The Call for Entry

The call for entry called for ceramic art pieces from around the Staunton, Illinois region.  The pieces were supposed to be made no more than 2 years ago, and suitable for a “grab’n go” style exhibit where holiday shoppers can just grab items off the shelf and be ready with shopping.


Here is a list of the ceramic artists participating in the show.








The Ceramic Pieces


Here is one of the shelves loaded with nice ceramic goodies.  Below are two close ups of individual pieces.
















Here is another one of the shelves loaded with nice ceramic goodies.  Below are two close ups of individual pieces.













More shelves with ceramic items.






Here are ceramics on pedestals.






More ceramic works on pedestals.










And here are even more.  Lots of great selection.








Don’t overlook these pieces in the glass cabinet right after you enter.




 The ceramic pieces from Beachfront Pottery

“Ancient Manta, I” by Robert Kokenyesi, Godfrey, IL
“Palau Island” platter by Robert Kokenyesi















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