Ceramic art pieces in the 2017 SWIC art faculty exhibit

Text and photos by Robert Kokenyesi, Ceramic Artist, Beachfront Pottery, Godfrey, IL 62035, USA.

From January 17 to February 23, 2017,  the SWIC Faculty Art Exhibition took place in the Schmidt Art Center.  This art center is located in the Belleville, Illinois location of the Southwest Illinois College (SWIC).  There was only one art faculty member who showed ceramic art pieces; William May Todd’s works are pictured below.

Lidded vessels

“Guardian Urn” by William Todd May, Belleville, IL


The statement of William May Todd informs us that he feels connected all the way to the Paleolithic potters, because they also made objects that were admired for the process to record mark making.

He consciously records change in earth wind and fire through the process of pottery making.

These two lidded vessels are beautifully shaped, and the handle is made into a organic form.   The vessel to the left has a handle that looks like a flowing, curving stream of water.




“Guardian of the Vessel” by William Todd May, Belleville, IL


The lid on this vessel is shaped like a reptile, a lizard or a crocodile.









Bowls and cups and a vase

“Bowl and Cup” by William Todd May, Belleville, IL



Striking red glazed pieces








“Bowl and Cupl” by William Todd May, Belleville, IL




Here again the glaze is the best part.







“Copper Red Bowl” by William Todd May, Belleville, IL


The copper red glaze makes a nice blue spot at the bottom of this bowl.







“Copper Red Vase” by William Todd May, Belleville, IL


This also a great looking piece.









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