I started Beachfront Pottery in 2006 with the dream of making high quality pottery pieces inspired by oceans, and beaches. I have always loved to spend time on beaches, and in oceans. Once I discovered that I love to work with clay, the crossroads of these two love interests meant the beginnings of Beachfront Pottery.

Trips to beaches of Baltic Sea and Black Sea in Europe, California, Virgin Islands, Massachusetts, Turks and Caicos, Bahamas, South Carolina, and Maine broadened my horizon about the impressive variety of ocean life, and beach environments. When I am not on a beach, I read, watch documentaries and videos about the mythology, spirituality, and natural history of oceans and beaches. I learned through these years that despite the mind boggling colors and shapes we see in the oceans, we explored only a tiny part of these waters. It humbles and excites me to think what we donít know about the oceans and beaches.

I learned the basic ceramic hand-building techniques by taking classes at a local art store. Then I assembled and equipped a small pottery studio in the basement of my home, so I can freely experiment with different clay bodies and glazes to form the pieces that tell the stories of oceans and beaches.

In pottery stores, galleries, at art fairs, and art associations I have met a lot of friendly and helpful folks during these past few years, and they made the journey even more enjoyable. It is a wonderful feeling to lift a newly-glazed piece from the kiln, and to see the smiles on the face of my customers when they find something they like. Those kind of experiences make me take special pride in my work, and to strive for creating even more expressive ceramic pieces.
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