My artistic philosophy is that art must be consequential. Pieces of art must engage the viewer by first kindling curiosity to explore the piece, and then motivating the viewer to carry out a more lengthy immersion in the shape and color of the piece. The result of these interactions will create a connection that recalls snippets of memories in the viewer followed by an comparison of those memory snipepts to the art piece. Ideally, this kind of engagement will either deepen the mystery of the subject at hand, or causes a revelation aboutt he subject of the art piece. In order to help this engagement I give titles to my pieces, so the viewer has additional clues that can be used as the foundation of a deep connection. The title also serves as an introduction to a piece, the beginning of the connection with the viewer.

I am strongly attracted to beaches and oceans, and I always felt that each critter, wave form, shipwreck, atoll, sandy or rocky beach has a story to tell. As an artist, I am a story teller of the beaches and oceans. My major story lines involve the immense, unstoppable merculess power of the oceans, the elegant beauty and vulnerability of the creatures that live on beaches and in the oceans, the hidden mysteries of oceans, and the spiritual and mythological aspects of oceans.

It requires a constant experimentation to produce and perfect my ceramic pieces so they generate a more and more powerful engagement with the viewer. I am committed to explore new ways of telling the stories of beaches and oceans. That exploration leads me down the path to continually push the limits of the clay and the glazes, and to employ novel shapes and colors to form my pieces.

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