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Welcome to the main informational web site of my ceramic studio, Beachfront Pottery!

Beachfront Pottery was born out of my love of oceans and beaches, and of my love of working with clay (details on the “Story of my pottery” page). Besides my story, I gathered here lots of information about my inspirations, and the process of hand crafting.

The pieces on this site represent my work for the past few years. Most of these pieces (and many others) are available for sale in
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my Etsy shop.
If you see a plate or platter that you like, and you need a full table settting, please email me; I’m happy to make any number of pieces for you.

Enjoy the portfolios of plates, platters, bowls, and wall decorations. My hope is that these ceramic creations from Beachfront Pottery will bring the spirit of the beach and the oceans into your home.

Robert Kokenyesi,
Ceramic Artist